Health Benefits of Eating Banana Flower


Have you ever eaten a banana flower? Do you know it can have a number of health benefits and should be consumed often? In case you didn’t know, here are the top health benefits of this amazing plant and next we’ll show you how to prepare it.Health Benefits of eating Banana flower

    • Regulated menstrual cycle
    • It’s very beneficial for lactating mothers and diabetes patients
    • Treats anemia
    • Improves the kidneys’ function
  • Helps with chronic constipation
  • Effective against ulcers
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Strengthens uterus

Here’s how you can prepare the banana flowers into a delicious meal:

First add some oil into a pan and heat it up. Add some mustard seeds and wait until it starts sizzling. Then add some chopped onions and green chilies and cook them well. Now you can add the chopped banana flowers and add some seasoning to taste (salt, turmeric, curry and coriander). Wait until everything is cooked and add some grated coconut. Stir until it’s combined and your dish is ready. Serve while hot and enjoy!