Heal Sinus Infection In Five Days And Get Rid Of The Terrible Headache!


This treatment lasts just five days, which are enough to heal the sinusitis and get rid of the annoying headache. With the cold days on our doorsill we are more prone to infections such as sinusitis, most of the time accompanied with severe pain.

Sinusitis is a sinus infection accompanied by severe headache or tension above the eyebrows, at the top of the nose and for many people the classic analgesics are not helpful. Instead of running to the closest pharmacy and poisoning yourself with such medications, reach for the natural and try this natural solution, you won’t be disappointed.Heal-Sinus-Infection-In-Five-Days-And-Get-Rid-Of-The-Terrible-Headache

The horseradish is an excellent ally in the fight against sinusitis. Take some horseradish, grate it, and in a jar with vinegar put the grated horseradish, and then close the jar tightly. Leave the mixture to stay at room temperature for 10 days with stirring it occasionaly.

After 10 days, open the jar and inhale the smell of horseradish deeply for five minutes. Repeat the procedure several times a day. The same evening when you make the remedy, pour the liquid on a wrap and tie it around your forehead, or just put it on the back of your head. The treatment should last for five days, which will be more than enough to get rid of the unpleasant and annoying headache.

Another solution that you can use is:

Grate 50 grams of horseradish, and put it in 5 dl of water and boil it. Use this solution for steam inhaling (bow your head over the bowl, cover yourself with a towel and deeply inhale and exhalefor a couple of minutes).

Source : www.healthylifevision.com