For Half a Month And up to 15 Kg Less: She Succeeded Using These Two Ingredients !


This 15-diet is extremely beneficial for obese people and for those with gastrointestinal and skin problems. All you need to do is strictly follow the following diet plan:

For Half a Month And up to 15 Kg Less She Succeeded Using These Two Ingredients !


Lunch: one orange, one boiled egg, two biscuits, a glass of sour milk or yogurt.

Dinner: two boiled eggs, two tomatoes, green salad, two biscuits.


Lunch: an egg, an orange, a glass of buttermilk, two biscuits.

Dinner: 1 toast, 1 tomato, 125g of ground beef, 1 cup of tea or coffee


Lunch: one boiled egg, lettuce salad, one orange, a glass of sour milk.

Dinner: one orange, a toast, 125g of ground meat, a cup of tea.


Lunch: a toast, 125g fresh cow cheese, one tomato.

Dinner: one apple, a toast, 125g minced meat, two tomatoes.


Lunch: 200g cooked meat, a toast, 1 fish can, one tomato.

Dinner: one egg, 500g cooked vegetables, one tomato.

For the weekend you can eat a food of your choice, but in moderation. Keep the diet until you get the desired results.  Regular exercise is highly recommended.