Great Breakfast For A Flat Belly – Sweet Healthy Toast


If you bored classic oat flakes, wheat and simple sandwiches, reclaim the joy in their morning routine and thereby lost some weight.

Think a little more freely, at least when it comes to mixing flavors. This super sandwich is recommended by a great number of Great Breakfast For A Flat Belly - Sweet Healthy Toastexperts and claim that is healthier than all high calorie pastries and sugary cereals.

What is necessary:

  • Whole wheat bread
  • Fresh cheese with low fat
  • Orange
  • Rose hip


Bake the bread for 1 minute on Toaster, without any layers. Rub with cheese until the bread is warm and grated finely chopped orange and rosehip.

Orange is a great morning refreshments and rose hips are strong antioxidant. Delicious and powerful combination. Cheers!