Grandma’s Cure for Cough and Bronchitis


One of the well-known and undoubtedly one of the most effective methods to eliminate a cough is with a cabbage leaf with honey, also known as the “golden” cure for respiratory disease and cough.

For this therapy there is no age restriction, it is similarly reliable for the little ones as well as the adults.

In order to start the therapy, you will certainly need 1 cabbage as well as honey.Grandma’s Cure for Cough and Bronchitis

Right here is what you have to do:

Take one leaf from the cabbage and place it in very hot water for a few minutes. Place honey on one side of the leaf. Put a plastic bag over the cabbage as well as cover it with a headscarf or towel.

If the coughing is solid, you will require two leaves of cabbage – you should apply one on the breast and the other one on the back. Remove the leaves in the morning. Wipe the skin with a wet cloth, or wash the place where the leaves were, and also everything that it managed to take out.

The result will be noticeable after the first procedure if the respiratory disease is in the initial phase. The therapy lasts from 5 to 7 evenings. And very soon, there will certainly be no trace of the hefty coughing.

The active components of the honey and cabbage, along with the heat, ease the coughing, in addition to getting rid of the inflamed procedure. If you don’t have honey, you can use warm castor oil.