Get Rid Of These Seven Foods From Your House, NOW!!!


We bring you seven foods that you should definitely avoid.

Nowadays it is extremely important to read the product declarations and it is good to check what you actually buy and eat. The foods actually pose a threat to us today because they might contain poisons and destroys the quality of life. We bring you seven foods that you should definitely avoid.

Get Rid Of These Seven Foods From Your House, NOW!!!


The worst and cheapest meat is used for making of the pate. About 50 percent of the pate makes everything that is not meat: water, fat, skins, offal, isolates, starch, salt, spices. These contain large amounts of salt that does not feel so much as it is added dextrose which masks the taste of saltiness. In a separate category are the so-called vegetarian pate specialties – soybeans and mushrooms. They are full of vegetable oil and the fat percentage is often higher than that of the ordinary.


Margarine is hydrogenated vegetable oil, usually sunflower or corn. The process of hydrogenation involves the conversion of fat from liquid to solid, and margarine are required by law to add vitamins A, D and E to make the composition as close to butter as possible. In the process of margarine production trans fats are occurring, which have been shown to influence the increase of bad cholesterol LDL and reduction of good HDL. Eating margarine is therefore associated with a higher risk of developing of cardiovascular disease.


About 75 percent of mayonnaise makes sunflower oil. 100 grams of mayonnaise has more calories than 100 grams of bacon, but in the bacon you’ll find something of protein and significant amounts of vitamins. Light mayonnaise has less fat, but still has no nutritional value. Mayonnaise with olive oil only has 15 percent of the olive oil; the residue is sunflower or corn oil.

Melted cheese

The melted cheese has about 50 percent of the cheese, and the rest is water, proteins, fats, various accessories and salt, which in melted cheese has about two times more than in ordinary cheese. In the melting processes all the probiotic are killed and other bacteria that have a positive effect on our digestive tract. In short, soft cheese is far more caloric than regular.

Substitutes for chocolate

Chocolate is a great food because it contains cocoa containing antioxidants. They slow down the aging of the cells and phytonutrients that can increase blood flow to the brain, protect the blood vessels, improve mood and concentration. The law provides that products that do not have enough cocoa, cannot be declared as chocolate but as cocoa board, sugar board, a substitute for chocolate and the like. In them there is more sugar, and cocoa and instead of butter they mainly use hydrogenated vegetable fats or palm oil. Although the chocolate has about 50 percent sugar, because of its high fat content it does not cause rapid insulin response in the body. Sugar intake should be limited and it is recommended that you consume chocolate with a high content of cocoa.

Carbonated soft drinks

They contain stimulants such as caffeine, taurine and over 10 percent sugar, unless the dietary versions. These products have significantly more caffeine than coffee. Stimulants increase blood pressure, speed up your heart, affecting the quality of sleep and dehydrate the body. The combination with alcohol is dangerous, because energy drinks act as a stimulant and alcohol encourages depression. The stimulatory effect of energy drinks prevents the assessment of how much alcohol you drink and how it really affects you.

Soy products

Soy contains a lot of anti-nutrients such as phytic acid, which prevents the adoption of minerals like zinc and magnesium. Although there are plenty of soy proteins, it also contains an inhibitor of protein metabolism. If not handled well, soy proteins in our body fail to make full use of soy products. Particularly men should avoid it because there are indications that phytohormones from soybeans can reduce testosterone production and increase the production of other hormones characteristic for women.