Get Rid of Split Ends without Trimming with 2 Ingredients Only


Regular hair styling can cause a lot of damage to your hair.  For instance, excessive use of curling irons, hair straighteners and other heat treatments are the main culprits of split ends. In addition, perms and hair colors may also damage the protective layers on the outside of the hair’s shaft when used excessively. This weakens the hair and makes it susceptible to splitting. Hair ends can also split as a result of mechanical stresses such as pulling a comb forcefully through tangled hair and repeated combing.

Get Rid of Split Ends without Trimming with 2 Ingredients Only

If your hair is weak and brittle, you can easily restore its quality by using this simple method in the comfort of your own home.


Step 1

Comb your hair carefully. Divide it in two sections and make two braids. Mix equal parts of peach kernel oil and vitamin E oil; you can find both ingredients at your local pharmacy. Using a cotton ball, apply the mixture along your braids. Leave for 2-4 hours. Unbraid your hair and wash as usual.

Step 2

Mix organic hair conditioner and honey in equal ratio. Apply on your washed, but not dripping hair staring from the middle and moving towards the ends. Put on a hair cap or a plastic bag and wrap your head with a towel. Leave it for 1-2 hours. Shampoo and rinse.

Repeat the method once or twice a month.