Get Rid Of Kidney Stones with This Simple Recipe


Already after three to four days, you can solve the problem with sand in the kidneys.

Get Rid Of Kidney Stones with This Simple Recipe

This simple recipe will help you get rid of the kidney stones in just six days, completely naturally, and also the rest of the sand.

For the recipe you need:

  • 100ml lemon juice
  • 100ml olive oil (unrefined)
  • 100ml beer

Mix all of the ingredients in a bottle and drink 50ml in the morning on an empty stomach. After already three to four days, you will solve the problem with the sand in the kidneys, and after six the stones will disappear. Many people already tried and proved this method to be successful

Certainly it does not hurt to try because all the ingredients are natural and have no side effects.

Our recommendation is to still pay attention to the size of the kidney stones and in the case of a larger stone, do not conduct this method. Those larger than 15 mm can do great damage during ejection of the body.