Get Rid of Dark Neck with These Powerful Home Remedies


Many people are affected with dark skin spots or patches on their necks. This is a common skin pigmentation disorder known as acanthosis nigricans, which is neither an infection, nor contagious. Ineffective cleaning of the neck area, excessive sun exposure or a genetics issue are the most common causes of this condition. Other known causes include diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, and sudden weight gain or weight loss.

One way to address this condition is to consult a dermatologist, but cosmetic treatments can be both costly and painful. Luckily, there are some highly effective home remedies that can be used for whitening the skin of the neck area.

Get Rid of Dark Neck with These Powerful Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Dark Neck

With the appropriate hygiene, rubbing as well as moisturizing, these two home remedies can successfully restore your natural neck skin pigmentation.

Lemon Juice Treatment

Due to its natural lightening properties, lemon can do wonders in whitening the dark skin on your neck in a completely natural way. Simply mix equal parts of lemon juice and water and rub your neck with it before going to bed. In order to get the desired results, continue with this treatment for no less than a month.

Oats Scrub

Exfoliation is a natural way of cleaning the skin and removing its discoloration. Since it allows the darkened and hyper pigmented skin cells to die away, exfoliation can help you in ending your dark neck issue. By exfoliating the skin around the neck at least two times a week using a natural scrub such as one made from ground oats and tomato puree, you can easily lighten the color of your neck. While doing this, make sure not to grind the oats to fine powder as this will destroy the exfoliating properties.

Once you make this mixture, apply it evenly on your neck leaving it to act for 20 mins. Then rub your neck gently for about five minutes. Rinse it with cool water. Finally, apply some moisturizer.

Useful Tips

  1. Wash your neck regularly or each time you wash your face.
  2. Always apply facial moisturizer on your neck.
  3. Heat some almond oil and massage your neck once a month in order to stimulate blood flow and skin glow.
  4. UV rays can be quite harmful and this goes for the skin on your neck too. Always make sure you put on some sunscreen before going out in the sun.
  5. You must be more selective when it comes to jewelry you wear on your neck as some metals can cause skin allergies and darkening.

These home remedies are extremely beneficial and if used regularly, they will help you obtain healthy, smooth and radiant skin.