Get Rid Of Your Glasses, Improve Your Vision Without Wearing Glasses With This Simple Method


As with every other muscle in the body, the eyes weaken if you don’t exercise them regularly. If you have impaired vision and you’re wearing glasses or contacts, you don’t exercise them enough and your vision gradually worsens. That’s why it’s very important to keep your vision sharp and exercise the muscles around the eyes as well, just like you exercise the other muscles on your body.

In this article we’ll share a few tips and tricks which will help you improve your vision and allow you to see better without the glasses.

    • Giving your eyes a break several times a day is vital for your eye health. You simply need to close your eyes for a few minutes or go to a room with low light. Also, if you work on the computer for several hours a day, it’s recommended that you adjust the brightness of the screen so as to reduce the strain it puts on your eyes.
    • The chart below gives 16 simple exercises that you can do in order to improve your vision and strengthen your eyes. What you do is follow the lines in the direction given by the arrows. If you are trying this for the first time, it’s important to focus on each symbol separately.Improve-Your-Vision
    • Taking your glasses off for some time every day is also beneficial for your eyes.
    • Massage your eyes round your eye socket on a regular basis. You can also use your index finger and thumb to gently press on the area right above the inner corner of your eyes. To increase the blood flow in the eye area, massaging your temples and the area on the back of your skull just behind your eye sockets.Improve-Your-Vision1
    • Spending time in nature is beneficial not only for your overall health, but for your vision too. This is because your eyes are exposed to fewer sources of light that may impair your vision.
    • Many eye problems are commonly treated with warm compression. What you do is gently press a warm, damp cloth against your eyes and hold it for 30 minutes. Do this on a regular daily basis.
    • You can benefit greatly from the Indian exercise Trataka as well. It’s a form of meditation that helps you develop your focus and stimulates the third eye. You need to focus on an object in the distance with both your mind and your eyes. Continue looking at the object until tears come to your eyes. Close your eyes and rest them.