How To Get Off Head Lice And Dandruff In Just 15 Minutes


Head lice are tiny insects, about the size of sesame seed and are grey or brown.  They have six legs which help them to cling on the hair but they live close to the scalp as they feed on blood. The females lay eggs that stick to the human hairs. A baby head louse hatches 7 to 10 days later. Then the baby grows and after 10-14 days it is ready to lay eggs. Are you afraid that your child will come home with head lice? Do you know that you can get rid of these insects naturally without using common products which contain harmful chemicals? Watch the video and you will learn how! There is also a useful tip against dandruff. You can use coconut oil as it has emollient texture and anti-fungal properties. That is why this oil is considered to be effective as a conditioner and anti- dandruff product. It is especially recommended for people who have sensitive skin. Your hair will smell perfectly without chemicals. There will be no more itching!