For 10 Days To Slender Line From Dreams


With protein shake that you can prepare, green tea instead of coffee, great amount of water and a little discipline, the wonders are possible.To calculate how much water needs your body divide the number of pounds by 20 and you will get how many liters of water a day should you drink.Drink green tea instead of coffee or plain tea.

Every morning on an empty stomach drink 1 spoon lemon juice and half a poon of honey , dissolved in 1 glass water . This trick will bring phenomenal results .Increase your intake of protein – Protein meal observe it twice a day, and reduce carbohydrates . Consume food rich in natural fibers.Consume 3 meals a day, and between opt for healthy snacks instead of chips or chocolate .

Avoid red meat, sugar and salt. Dial salads instead of juice, because long time you will be sate.

Do not skip meals, but reduce the amount of full plate.For 10 Days To Slender Line From Dreams

1, 2, 3 day

Lemon juice and honey before breakfast. Breakfast to 9am- cereals or protein meal. Lunch 13 pm – a small cup of cooked rice and 3 type vegetables cooked on steam. Before evening drink green tea without sugar. For dinner eat 2-3 pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables.

4, 5, 6 day

Before breakfast do not forget the lemon juice and honey. By 9am enter protein meal and by 13 pm lunch Р1 cup cooked rice, Indian bread and vegetables prepared to taste. Drink green tea until 17 pm,  and for dinner treat yourself with delicious sandwich of Indian bread and many vegetables.

7, 8, 9, 10 day

Before breakfast this time consume one cup of freshly boiled green tea without sugar, and breakfast can be before 9 am – as the previous days protein meal. For lunch combine rice and vegetables, but these instead of bread eat fish or soy. By 17 o’clock practice to drink green tea as much as you can, and for dinner again eat protein meal rich with natural fibers.