Food Combining For Weight Loss – Proper Food Combining Guide !


Discover food combining for weight loss and learn how to eat, not just what to eat. Following these three steps can help you reach a healthier weight and enjoy digestive comfort. Understand the practice of eating certain foods together while avoiding eating others to apply proper food combining. At the root of the practice is the belief that the order of what you eat matters as much as what you eat. Certain combinations can optimize digestion, while others impair it.Food Combining For Weight Loss - Proper Food Combining Guide  !

Varying levels of strictness exist within proper food combining. You need not follow all the rules, yet you can gain most of the results. The basics rules require only a bit of common sense. To avoid the pull of harmful cravings, ease into food combining for weight loss, don’t challenge yourself too much all at once.

Some of the benefits include:

Improved digestion

Improved absorption

Boosted mood and energy

There are a few situations where more may be required to receive the benefits from a proper food combining diet guide, one is if you have allergies. Undetected allergies and sensitivities will render most of the benefits null. If you are experiencing abnormal amounts of discomfort or digestive woes, the first step is to rule out allergies with a 3 day detox diet. All rules may not be necessary for those with caste iron stomachs. Whether or not you follow the rules should be based on your own personal preference, and whether you notice a difference.

Food Combining For Weight Loss

Level 1: The Basics

If you only follow the most basic aspects of food combining for weight loss, make it these two simple rules. First, avoid eating high fat with high sugar, such as avocado with a fruit smoothie or really any high fat, sweet junk food at all. The second easiest trick for proper food combining is to avoid eating acidic foods with sweet.

Combining fats and sugars spells disaster for smooth digestion. Eat sugar and fat at different meals to enjoy food combining for weight loss for yourself.

Sugar is quickly absorbed directly into the intestines and then the bloodstream. Fat, however, is the slowest of all food to be digested. Fat requires a special digestive process involving the production of bile to break the fat down further.

The difference in timing can lead to a tricky situation where the sugar sits in the stomach longer than necessary, causing bloating and gas.

Excess fat may park itself in the bloodstream for some time, preventing absorption of sugar into cells. Excess fat in the bloodstream is one of the causes of an overgrowth of Candida, a fungus in the blood which normally exists in healthy amounts and eats excess sugar.

The second easiest trick for proper food combining is to avoid eating acidic foods with sweet. Doing so prevents indigestion and bloating. This almost seems like a common sense rule. Don’t eat tomatoes or citrus with sweets, such as bananas. They aren’t a natural pairing for optimal taste in the first place. As with all the other rules, it’s okay to test it out to see it really does have negative effects. Some people have digestive systems that are just so strong that no matter of disorder of combining can hurt it.

Level 2: Carbohydrate and Protein

Level 2 involved avoiding carbohydrates and protein at the same meals. This level of food combining is stricter than necessary for most people. Unfortunately, this combining “no no” comes naturally to many people. Rice and beans or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are common and tasty. Following the rules to this level of strictness is not necessary for most people when it comes to weight loss. What is most important is following a healthy diet, like a vegan diet, and following a common sense weight loss plan.

Level 3: Try “Mono Eating”

Mono eating is the ultimate level of food combining, and ideal for a cleanse. Eating only one type of food at at time? Well, that’s crazy! That’s why only very few people put this into practice. Followers eat only one type of food at a meal, or even for longer periods of time. Read about a 3 day detox diet to learn more about mono eating, and see if you can apply it to your food combining journey. The key to optimal health is to try different things. Experimenting with food combining for weight loss is one of the pieces of the puzzle. Give it a try to see things start to fall into place.