Find Out Why Diet Soda is Responsible For Major Health Issues Including Heart Attack


Consumers have taken pledge to wipe out diet soda from their grocery list, owing to its potential epidemics plague. So what is responsible for this epidemics? The artificial sweetener, aspartame is reported to be the major cause behind seizure and bulk of health problems.


A new study with over 60,000 women carried out for 10 years, showed that women consuming 1 or more diet soda daily are prone to more cardiovascular diseases. The death rate was also reported to be higher in them.

Heart issues are maximized to about 30%!

Researchers at University of Lowa explain after doing a large scale study that women consuming 2 or more diet soda are 30% more prone to cardiovascular diseases. Their probability to having a stroke or heart attack is high. Conversely, it was also concluded that 50% chances were that they may die from the very disease.

Dr. Ankur Vyas, lead investigator of the study, concluded that their study was in par with previous ones. Also, he mentioned that it was the largest study connecting drinks, aspartame, and metabolic syndrome.

The demography was further categorized on many factors influencing cardiovascular threats. The categories included: diabetes, high cholesterol, physical activity, hormone therapy use, sugar-sweetened beverages intake, energy intake, smoking and body mass index.

Wrapping the report, it was concluded that women consuming these drinks were young, and smoking was common factor among them. They were also reported to have high blood pressure, higher body mass index and diabetes.

Diet Soda Sales Drop…

Thanks to above study; diet soda market is falling constantly during past few months. It is said to be the biggest market of aspartame.

Time Magazine also reported that another reason for the decline in sale may be the increased consciousness of epidemic of obesity in USA. This may also be consequence of increased concern about artificially sweetened drinks.

Reuter states that the situation is declining the industry of beverages. The brands claiming to be diet-friendly are facing a loss as artificial sweetener concerns are growing day by day.

The new study sure has increased momentum of concern towards aspartame. Why wouldn’t it, when consumers can enjoy the countless choices of natural sweeteners.

Another point worth noticing here is that the sale of soda drinks going low also show that fewer individuals are utilizing corn syrup. The corn syrup has a high fructose content which hosts a great amount of potential health threats.