Find Out And Prevent It In Time: Your Palm Reveals What Disease You Have


A method called Su – Jock (Korean: Hand-foot), in which you can see certain health problems through massage and pressure on your fingers on the hand and the foot you can promptly alert the suffering.

Su – Jock therapy is a complex science, but on the basic level with very little knowledge anyone can solve problems with headache, pressure, kidney etc. All you have to do is massaging the painful points on the hand or foot.

With this method, usually using a pen or pencil you can diagnose problems on your body. All you have to do is to push a particular point on the fingers on the hand or the toes.

First with a massage try to find the troubled part, that is the point where you feel the most pain on your hand or foot, and then using the sharp object like a pen or pencil define precisely which body organ is in question.For example, with the seed of hops agglutinated on a plaster and applied on the painful point you can heal many conditions.

This method is particularly effective in dealing with headaches, back and neck pain, and in most cases, if the problem is not chronic the therapy works almost instantly.