Fibroid Tumors – Warts, How To Remove Them Without Going To The Doctor


Warts are benign skin growths, but they are a cosmetic issue for everyone that has them. These skin growths aren’t normally painful, except when they are irritated or when they bleed. Skin tags are very similar to warts in appearance. Unlike warts, which usually result from a HPV infection, skin tags normally appear in places on your body that skin folds or that are more prone to sweating  – your armpits, neck and face. They usually look like small hanging balloons, which makes them quite appalling.

Fibroid tumors or fibromas are benign tumors on the connective tissue, which appear as warts on the skin. They measure just a few millimeters in size. Although they can be pigmented, they more often have the same color as the skin. Middle-aged people are generally most affected with fibroid tumors. Fibromas usually appear on the neck, armpits, abdomen, under the breasts, and eyelids and their number increases with age. Genetics is the main culprit for these skin growths.

Fibroid Tumors – Warts, How To Remove Them Without Going To The Doctor

Even though they aren’t a serious health threat, fibromas are something that everyone would like to get rid of in the soonest possible way.

There’s one folk remedy that has proved beneficial for most people that have tried it, and it’s apple cider vinegar.

The medicinal properties of ACV in relation to skin issues have long been known and used in natural medicine. For one thing, this ingredient contains antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, all of which make it the perfect tool for removing warts and skin tags effectively and painlessly without leaving scars.
What to do:

Clean the affected skin thoroughly. Put a few drops of ACV on a Band-Aid and apply on the wart/skin tag. Clean the wart carefully every time before you apply ACV. Also, make sure you use a new Band-Aid every day. If you use this treatment on regular daily basis, your wart or skin tag should fall off in 5 days. Continue with the same method a few more days if the wart is more stubborn.