Why You Feel Bloated And How To Get Rid Of It


Bloated belly is a common problem that occurs due to numerous factors, including insufficient water intake, chronic stress, constipation and many others.

Why You Feel Bloated And How To Get Rid Of It


Dehydration is the main cause of numerous health issues. Excessive consumption of coffee and alcohol only makes the things worse. When the body is dehydrated it uses the liquids from the tissues, leading to water retention and bloating. Therefore, you should drink more water.

Chronic Stress

Stress has a huge impact on the digestive system and may lead to bloating. So, make sure you avoid your stress factors or try to take things more easily.


Constipation is a condition in which you have irregular bowel movements. Ti can be easily treated by eating a diet high in fiber, drinking more water and regular exercise. You should consume whole grain bread and avoid white bread. Also, smoothies and berries can be of great help.

Eating Too Fast

If you eat too fast, your food is not properly chewed which can leave you bloated. Therefore, take mall bites and chew them well.


Eating too much carbs can make your belly bloated. So, make sure you consume low-carb foods, and reduce sugar intake and alcohol. Consume more fruits and vegetables.

Source: www.mythinks.org