This Is What Your Farts Reveal About Your Health


Have you noticed how some foods cause your farts to be extra smelly? That’s completely normal and that doesn’t mean that you need to stop eating them. Foods rich in sulfur, like eggs, or other types of food like broccoli, almonds, Brussels sprouts and cauliflowers usually induce smelly farts, but they’re healthy so you shouldn’t stop consuming them.

Eating foods that cause gases is healthy because it helps the digestive process, the microbes in your gut have an easier time absorbing all the nutrients. Regular farting is a sign that you’re consuming enough fibers and have a healthy amount of bacteria in your intestines.

The average person farts about 14-15 times a day and if you do as well then it means that your digestive system is doing a good job. Even the smelly ones are a good sign, can you believe it? But what are farts actually? They are a mixture of swallowed air and gas produced by the bacteria in the lower intestines.THIS-IS-WHAT-YOUR-FARTS-REVEAL-ABOUT-YOUR-HEALTH

Even though we said that farting is normal and a good sign there are a few exceptions to this rule. For example if your farts smell really terrible and usually happen after a certain meal it may mean that you have a problem digesting this food. If you fart after consuming dairy it may mean that you’re lactose intolerant. If on the other hand your farts are very frequent and particularly smelly you might have a chronic problem like IBS, celiac disease or some gastrointestinal infection, which means you need to consult a doctor.

Farting more than 22 times a day may indicate that you consume foods or beverages that pump more air into your digestive system. It may be that you’re drinking too much coffee, eating too much carbs or foods that can’t be digested easily and you need to cut back on them. A vegetarian diet can also be the reason behind frequent farting or if you’re swallowing your food too quickly you’re letting too much air in which is causing you to become bloated and gaseous.

If smelly farts are causing unpleasant situations there’s something you can do to prevent this. For example avoid food rich in sulfur like beef or pork and replace them with fish and chicken instead. You’ll notice improvements right away.