Facial Spots Will Disappear In Seconds: Try Out This Homemade Recipe


When it comes to skin care we all try to do everything we can to keep it looking young, fresh and healthy. Unfortunately we’re not always successful in our efforts and as much as we try sometimes skin problems arise, be it blackheads, dark circles and spots or wrinkles.  Usually, the biggest factor that influences our skin quality is sun exposure because UV rays can cause serious damage to our skin, especially excessive exposure in the summer.Facial Spots Will Disappear In Seconds Try Out This Homemade Recipe

When such problems arise we usually turn to the commercially available cosmetic products but what we should do is try some natural alternatives which have proven much more effective.

The following remedy is especially effective for dark spots on your face and if you have problems with them you should definitely try it out.


– 4 drops of hydrogen peroxide

– Several drops of natural glycerin

– 2 tbsp of powdered milk

– Some lemon juice


Take a glass bowl, put all the ingredients in and mix them well with a wooden spoon until you get a paste. Rinse your face with soap and pat it dry. Apply the paste on the affected area and leave it on overnight. When you get up rinse it with some cold water and repeat the treatment every night for a week. In just 7 days your facial spots will disappear completely.