Extra Tips For Diabetes


Proper nutrition is the key to “reign” diabetes. In addition, doing regular physical activity, smoking cessation, regular intake of therapy and continuous blood sugar control can delay or prevent complications caused by diabetes.

These are just some advices that can help you in choosing foods that are good to reverse your diabetes and their preparation.


What: Foods containing a large amount of simple sugar (sweets, juices, soft drinks, etc.) that can quickly raise your blood sugar.

Excessive eating of processed foods causes the growing of faster blood sugar level. So every day take a variety of organic foods – consume whole grains, vegetables, fruits, milk products with low-fat and lean meat.

How: How much food should you eat a day depends on your gender, level of physical activity and body weight.

When:¬† This is very important that the level of sugar in the blood has a certain “healthy” value for the entire day. During food intake is very important to control blood sugar and ¬†therefore try to eat every day at the same time and do not skip meals. If one night you eat heavy, gourmet meals and the following evening, you eat only a few bites – the value of sugar in the blood can vary drastically.

You really need to reduce the total daily intake in order to lose weight and more importantly – to lose an inch around

the waist (those with waist size over 100 cm has a much greater chance of being diagnosed with diabetes).

Cereals, beans and starchy vegetables: Choose whole grain cereals such as rye bread, whole meal rice, corn tortillas, potatoes, peas, beans and beans as a good source of fiber.