Exercise for Proper Body Posture


As we are all conscious that the phenomenon of curved spine is neither vigorous nor appealing, this exercise offers a great improvement for your posture.

You surely recall how you were advised to keep your body straight at home or in school while you were growing up, and some of you even tried balancing a heavy book on your head.

Although you were annoyed with these remarks about your sitting or standing posture, these people were saying the truth.

Exercise for Proper Body Posture

Rounded shoulders and bent spine don’t enhance your body. Curved spine is not an attractive sight and we can all agree with that.

But why is this occurrence so widespread, particularly among young people? This may occur because of the fact that naturally the front part of the body is more progressed than the back;you should exercise in order to develop the muscles of the back, so they can bear the burden on the spine, and that’s way walking straight should be a rule that must be followed.

In order to restore a proper body posture here are some excesses that will strengthen you back muscles.

With your face down lie on your stomach. Gradually lift up the front part of your body with your head up as much as you can. With fixate arms on your hips try to stay in that position for a while.

You will feel tensed, as the exercise triggers most of the muscles in the body. Ten repetitions should be made.

The initially desired effects will be achieved. If you do it every day, and if you constantly increase the number of repetitions, this exercise will certainly straighten up your back. Furthermore, you will successfully get rid of discomforts in your neck and back. At the end you’ll establish a straight body posture and you will become healthier and recovered.

Moreover curved and slumped spine also has an impact on the all inner organs function. Inadequate posture compresses the chest, burdens the lungs, the heart and the leaver. Furthermore, when you keep your body in a proper way, you are handsomer, self-confident, and healthier.

Additional motivation for women is the fact that breasts look bigger, when the back is in a proper position and the shoulders are lifted up.

Source: www.fashionmg-style.com