Excellent Homemade Face Cream for Wrinkles – Get Results in Just 7 days


Aging makes you mature and smarter but it also brings some health issues. One of the most common problems is wrinkles on face. Wrinkles have a great affect on the appearance of a person. They can take away your youthful face and make you look old. From face creams to cosmetic treatments, there are many methods used by people to overcome this problem. However, non of them guarantees a complete riddance from wrinkles. The skin overtime gets used to the expensive creams and the chemicals in them and the results are often not as expected.


To resolve this huge problem, here’s a recipe of an amazing homemade cream which reduces wrinkles significantly and gives results in only 7 days.


You will have to spend a small amount of time for the preparation of this cream but the benefits are enormous. The continuous use of the cream will give you following benefits

– It hydrates your skin.

– The visibility of wrinkles is reduced.

– The cream is safe to use as all the ingredients are natural.

– You will start getting the results in just 7 days.


-Pharmaceutical Vaseline (2 teaspoons)

-Egg Yolk (yolk of 1 egg)

-Honey (1 teaspoon)

-Almond or olive oil (1 tablespoon)


Take the pharmaceutical Vaseline and melt it on steam. It will take several minutes. Once it melts, remove it from heat and add egg yolk, honey and the oil. Stir thoroughly for several minutes. Pour the cream in a storage container. You can use jars of old creams or any other jar you like. Keep the cream in a refrigerator.

How to use:

Clean the skin. Massage the cream gently on the skin. Remove the excess cream after about half an hour. Use a wet face wipe or a tissue paper/cotton soaked in water.

The cream should be applied at least 2 hours before going to sleep for best results.