Every Night He Puts a Wet Towel on the Window. From now on, You Will do the Same! Read These 6 Incredible Tricks


‘Gonna be a long, hot summer night…’ Remember that song by JT Taylor?  We sure don’t look forward to the hot summer nights. Who does? What we all desire is owning an air conditioner in this season, but for most of us, that will create a large hole in our pockets.


However, Your Coolness, we present to you these 6 time-tested tricks to get you through the night.

1.Place ICE CUBES IN FRONT OF THE VENTILATOR before you sleep, to cool the room.

2.AWAY WITH ALL SOURCES OF HEAT in the room. REMOVE THEM. RELOCATE THEM. They generate heat and will not help the Operation-Cool-Night mission.

3.Just before you turn in for the night, retrieve your SOCKS FROM THE FRIDGE/FREEZER. Yes, you should freeze your socks and wear them for the night. Absolute heaven!

4.Freeze the pillows, too. I tell you!

5.Wet a towel in ice cold water and place on the window sill. It cools and cools and cools the room. It does, really.

6.Take a cold bath. And extra-cool your feet, too. It relaxes and calms the body and generally helps the only agenda for the night: achieving a cool night

These tips are tested.

They work.

Try them.


Source:Healthy Tips Source