Every Morning Put a Clove of Garlic in The Mouth – Here’s Why…


This treatment is quite effective because the garlic is rich in nutrients which are beneficial for cleaning the body and lymph from toxins.

We are all aware that garlic is amazing produce with numerous useful properties.

Every Morning Put a Clove of Garlic in The Mouth – Here’s Why…

Firstly it contains antibacterial properties and that is why it is used against various medical conditions, colds, kidney diseases and atherosclerosis .It also strengthens the capillaries. Chinese people use the garlic to heal the entire body.

The Chinese take a small clove of garlic and melt it in the mouth like a candy. This is practiced in the morning and lasts for 30 minutes.

The effect is amazing- through the saliva the nutrients and beneficial substances go into the blood thus cleaning the lymph and the blood as well. Garlic also maintains the oral and gym health and it is effective in preventing gym bleeding when it occurs.

After this morning treatment, spit out the garlic and brush the teeth. If the smell is still there take parsley leaves or several coffee beans and chew them slowly.

Milk can also help to get rid completely from the garlic smell.

Why is this treatment so beneficial?

  • It cleans your blood
  • It protects you from influenza and other respiratory diseases
  • Against chronic bronchitis
  • Strengthens immunity
  • It cleans your skin
  • It is useful against anemia
  • Regulates the appetite
  • It helps with kidney and bladder diseases
  • It cleans your skin

If you cannot put a whole clove then you can start with a smaller piece or a quarter and then the following days increase the amount gradually.

This treatment is effective against kidney stones and coughing.

A lot of people who have tried this method are amazed by the positive results. That is why you must try this treatment if you suffer from the above mentioned problems.

Source: http://www.fitbodycenter.com