Even The Doctors Are Amazed: Soak Your Feet in One of These Mixtures And Get Rid Of Toe Nail Fungus – Naturally!


Onychomycosis, commonly known as nail fungus, is a fungal infection which causes changes in toenails. These changes usually begin as a white or yellow spot on the toenail, and as the infection goes deeper, it can lead to nail discoloration, thickening and crumbling of the toenail edges.

Even The Doctors Are Amazed Soak Your Feet in One of These Mixtures And Get Rid Of Toe Nail Fungus – Naturally!

Feet are extremely prone to fungal infections since they are mostly warm and moist, which is the ideal environment for fungal growth. Apart from infections, fungal overgrowth can also cause jock`s itch, athlete`s foot and ringworm. They are contagious and can easily be transmitted to another person through a simple contact.

Nail fungus affects both man and women of all ages.

The good news is that fungal infections can be easily treated with inexpensive home remedies. All you need to do is soak your feet in one of the following solutions.


Yogurt is rich in live bacteria known as acidophilus which are extremely effective in eliminating bad bacteria in the area between the toes and nails. Moreover, yogurt is rich in other microorganisms which are capable of destroying fungal infections. Simply soak your feet in yogurt, or rub it all over your feet. Allow it to dry and then wash your feet with warm water.

Baking soda

Baking soda is one of the best natural remedies for fungal infections. Combine baking soda with water in a 1:3 ratio and wipe the inside of your shoes with this solution. Apply a generous amount of this mixture and allow it to dry out.

Hydrogen peroxide

Mix 100ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1 liter of distilled water. Soak your feet in the resulting solution for 20 minutes. This remedy help you get rid of the feet infection and prevent its spreading or recurring. Repeat the procedure regularly once a day, until the infection is completely gone.

Corn starch

Corn starch has powerful absorbent properties and therefore, it is highly effective against bacteria and fungi. It has the ability to absorb the moisture from your feet and eliminate all the existing fungi on them. Combine half a teaspoon of corn starch with some water and place the mixture in a preheated oven at 220° C until it turns dark. Apply the mixture on your feet and allow it to act for about a minute. Then, rinse it off with water.

Source: healthyworldrecipes.com