Enjoy the Health Benefits of Sugar Apples by Including Them in Your Diet


Sugar apple or Annona squamosa tree can be found in West Indies and tropical America although its exact origin is unfamiliar. Due to its creamy, sweet and delicious flavor it is known as “a fruit of the gods”. It is also known as sweetshop or anon. Its pulp can be milky white to light yellow while its peel contains knobby parts which vary from light green to blue-green color. Its seeds are large and black and you must spit them out as they are not edible. One fruit has approximately 28 to 30 such seeds.

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Sugar Apples by Including Them in Your Diet

Its flavor is something between a coconut and a pear. You don’t need a knife to open the fruit when is ripe, just remove the skin and enjoy. You can also make smoothies, milkshakes, sherbet and ice cream from the pulp. Apart from being very tasty, this fruit is also extremely healthy. It contains many nutrients as minerals, vitamins, fiber and proteins. Read bellow about the nutritional value of 1 cup of raw sugar apple provided by NutrtionalValue.org:

Nutritional Value of Raw Sugar Apple (1 cup, pulp (250 g))

  • Magnesium – 52.50 mg/ 13%
  • Thiamin – 0.275 mg/ 18%
  • Folate – 35.00 mcg/ 9%
  • Dietary fiber – 11 g/44%
  • Riboflavin – 0.282 mg/ 17%
  • Iron – 1.50 mg/ 8%
  • Potassium – 617.50 mg/ 13%
  • Niacin – 2.208 mg/ 11%
  • Vitamin B6 – 0.500mg/ 25%
  • Vitamin C – 90.8 mg/ 151%
  • Copper – 0.215 mg/ 11%

Here are 13 health benefits of sugar apples:

Sugar Levels Control

U.S. Food and Drug Administration set a daily dosage of this fruit which is 38 grams for adult male and 25 grams for adult female. Because the diet rich in fiber is shown to reduce the sugar absorption it also lowers the risk from getting type-2 diabetes. So you can start consuming sugar apples to preserve your health.

Heart Health

It is well familiar fact that the vitamin B6 prevents the accumulation of homocysteine, which is linked with heart diseases and stroke and the sugar apples are rich in B6.

Maintain Supply of Other B Vitamins in The Body

These fruits are also rich in riboflavin, which role is to make sure that the body contains all the other vitamins from the group B, as they are crucial for development, growth and other essential body functions.

Help Lower Blood Pressure Levels

They also contain potassium which is proven to control blood sugar levels as it regulates the effect of sodium in the organism.

Asthma Prevention

Sugar apples are not only rich in potassium but also in magnesium, vitamin C and B6. Vitamin C is great in reducing the risk from developing asthma as it is known to have great anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. On the other hand B6 is proven to prevent the inflammation of the bronchial tube. We can add that the potassium and magnesium also help in preventing and treating asthma in a way that the magnesium relaxes the bronchial tubes and esophagus muscle and people who suffer from asthma are proven to have low levels of magnesium.

Maintain Thyroid Health

The thyroid hormone thyroxin is very important in preserving of the thyroid gland health and its secretion is linked with the presence of copper- a trace mineral. Sugar apples are rich in this mineral as well.

Help The Body Produce Energy

Sugar is turned into energy with the help of an important nutrient-Thiamin. That is why every time you feel exhausted consume sugar apple because it is rich in thiamin.

Bone Strength

If you want to keep your bones strong and healthy, you need to take calcium and magnesium. And the good news is that sugar apples are rich in these minerals as well.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

Sugar apples are also rich in niacin, which is actually B vitamin and it helps in increasing the good cholesterol.

Prevention of Pregnancy Problems

Folate or Vitamin B9 is beneficial for conception as well as in preventing neural tube problems in the baby.

Skin and Hair Health

If you want to have beautiful hair and skin, consume sugar apples as they are rich in vitamin A. You can try applying the creamy pulp on problematic skin parts as it can help with the healing process.

Promote Vision

The vitamin A in this fruit will also help in protecting your eyesight as it has antioxidant properties. It also protects the retina and the cornea from free radicals.

Help Prevent Anemia

Sugar apples are also rich in iron which is a crucial mineral for formation of red blood cells. Therefore if you consume them regularly you will never get anemia.

Source: http://www.fitfoodhouse.net