Effective Way To Get Rid Of The Cockroaches Permanently From Your House


Who doesn’t hate cockroaches? The nasty little critters can infest whole houses and are very difficult to get rid of. There are a lot of products on the market which claim they work, but the truth is that they don’t finish the job and leave a nasty odor behind which makes things even worse! Luckily for you, we have a proven recipe that will get rid of the pests forever!How-to-Get-Rid-of-Cockroach-Infestations

Read below how to get rid of these insects without using harmful products. The cockroaches will disappear forever:

Take a yolk from a raw egg and mix it with 50 g (1.7 oz) of boric acid powder. Stir until you get a thick mixture. Then make small balls. They need to dry for an hour and then place them around your home, in the corners, kitchen cabinets, closets, shelves, in the bathroom etc.

If you don’t have boric acid powder, you can use 3% solution of boric acid. Mix 100 ml of boric acid with egg yolk and add some flour to obtain a thick mixture. It will have the same effect as the previous recipe.

Cockroaches will be attracted by these balls and they will touch them with their mustache. And they will get stuck and will have no chance to warn the others.

The boric acid will eventually kill the cockroaches.  Many cockroaches will approach the balls. At first, you may think that this trick is not working but after a few weeks you will find many dead insects. Soon they will be all gone.

There is a chance that female cockroaches have laid eggs around your house so it is recommended to repeat the procedure after 6 months.

You need to know that you shouldn’t be worried about these balls as they are completely safe for you, your family and your pets. Boric acid is used for disinfection but it is not toxic.