Effective Exercises against Back Pain


If you lead sedentary lifestyles, these exercises will bring some relief from the constant back pain.

Effective Exercises against Back Pain

These exercises are very effective because they naturally relieve back pain caused by the daily load. Every morning when you get up, reach out and unwittingly do these exercises that will correct the back and unleash the pressure from the spine.

If you lead sedentary lifestyles, and have to stay in the chair in the same position, these exercises will bring some relief from the constant back pain. You will feel reborn and lighter.

Exercises against back pain:

1. Lie on your back, place a pillow under the shoulders or folded towel roll with the knees spread apart and breathing evenly. Hold this position for several minutes.


2. While sitting on the heels, surround a pillow and hug it with your hands. During 10 – 20 breaths relax, head turned to one side. Repeat on the other side.


3. Remove the pillow, extend your arms in front of you and slightly to the side, slightly wider shoulder. Feel the stretch in your hips and shoulders. Take a deep breath, and go down the other side and stretch the back again.


4. Squat your knees, lift your back, relax your neck and arms with her knees firmly on the floor, and head lowered down. This situation is reminiscent of the strain that makes cats, right? They know how to properly stretch.


5. When inhaling bend your back, with your buttocks up, and the view too. When exhaling return to the previous cat – position. Alternately do these two exercises, each 10 times.


6. While leaning on your knees, spread your hands in front of you and rely on one shoulder. The head should be turned to the side and neck relaxed. Feel your shoulders straining. Do the same on the other side.


7. Lie on the floor, spread your legs, put a pillow under your hips. Your shoulders and back should be on the floor. You must feel like you stretched the front of the thighs. Lie in this position for one minute.


8. And the last exercises – move the pillow under your knees and completely relax your body – 5 minutes.v128

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