Eat Slowly – Live Longer and Healthier


There is a Chinese saying, “The less you eat, the more you enjoy the taste, and the more you eat, the less you enjoy!”

Eat Slowly - Live Longer and Healthier

However, few people want to eat slowly. The meal should last half an hour to an hour, so when you start fast and stress eating, remember the benefits of slow eating. Just think of the hours spent in the kitchen preparing the meal… it does not make any sense to eat it in 10-15 minutes.

1. You will really start to feel the different tastes and textures

If you eat slower, a chew the food completely, it will become a great experience, not just instinctive piling of food. The food should be treated with caution. Try judging colors, flavors, aromas…

2. Reduce the risk of overeating

The brain needs 20 minutes to send the signal that you are full. With slow eating, the brain will have time to realize that the body is full.

3. You will reduce the risks of digestive upsets

Too rapid consumption of food can cause digestive problems, stomach aches, headaches and other health problems. Watch the meal as an activity in which you can relax and enjoy without thinking about the issues.

How to eat slowly?

– Eat before becoming unbearable hungry

If you are too hungry, it will be hard to abstain from food and the food will enter uncontrollably. It is best to coordinate your meals at regular times and thus to avoid excessive hunger. Arrange three main meals and two snacks each day taking them at the same time.

– Leave the fork between bites

The usual advice is: between bites, leave the fork or spoon to wait for the next chunk. Once you swallow again take the fork. It will slow down, and will reduce the collected stress.

– Concentrate on the food

Often while we are eating, we are watching TV or thinking of some problems. But keep in mind that brings us conscious eating enjoyment. Do not follow the pace of others, but concentrate on yourself and the taste of the food you consume.