Dry Your Nail Polish in Less Than a Minute with This Simple Trick

Woman painting her nails Image downloaded by tanya corfield at 8:08 on the 15/07/14

How many times have you polished your nails and then couldn’t do anything in the next few hours because your nail polish simply wouldn’t dry? In reality, there’s nothing more annoying than waiting ages for your nail polish to dry. The only worse thing that often happens is ruin your nail polish the moment you thought it was all dried up.

There’s another important factor that determines how fast your nail polish will dry and that’s the number of layers you apply. Of course, the more layers, the harder your nail polish dries. Here, I’ll share a handy trick you can do to dry your fresh manicure in less than a minute.

Try this method and you will never have to wait ages for your manicure to dry. Also, you’ll never ruin your nail polish again.

You need:

  • a bowl
  • some water
  • a few ice cubes

You do:

Before starting to polish your nails, put some cold water in a bowl. Add a few ice cubes.


Polish your nails and once you finish, put your fingers in the bowl.


Hold for a couple of minutes, then remove. Your nail polish will be super dry and your nails will look as amazing as you’ve wanted.


Note: The drying process really depends on the number of layers you’ve applied.