Drink Pineapple Water In The Morning For A Year (And These 10 Things Happen)


An individual’s daily routine has a long lasting effect on his immune system, it strengthens or weaken resistance from diseases day by day. If you are looking to build your immune system then look into a simple morning routine that one can follow to avail amazing benefits off a mouthwatering drink: pineapple water.


Rich in vitamin C and bromelain, pineapple contain less amount of micronutrients. Consequently, they aid in all the healing processes in the body.

So, keep drinking pineapple water on an empty stomach for a year to get maximum benefits.

1)      Anti-inflammation

Bromelain present in pineapple is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps body to eliminating toxins that have an adverse effect on organs and body tissues. Regular consumption can cure injuries, arthritis, relieve pain, and minimize inflammation.

2)      Weight loss- the healthy way

Pineapples take a lot more time to digest than other fruits because of its high fiber content. Hence, making you full for all day. Fat and sugar cravings are greatly reduced by its regular consumption. Thiamine, an important component of pineapple help convert carbohydrates in energy, and boost metabolism.

3)      Empty the liver & intestine from parasites

Bromelain possesses anti-parasitic properties. Studies have revealed that if you go on a pineapple fast for straight 3 days, tape worms will completely eliminate from your system.

4)      Regulating Thyroid functionality

Pineapples, being rich source of bromelain and iodine, aid in treating autoimmune disorders. They relieve symptoms associated with thyroiditis.

5)      Balancing Electrolytes

Potassium present in pineapple strengthen your body and maintaining balance of electrolytes. They also prevent cramps and injuries.

6)      Eliminate Toxins & Heavy metals

Enzymes, antioxidants and fiber present in pineapple, clean body toxins and heavy metals.

7)      Aiding in Digestion

Bromelain boost the body in protein-digestion more effective and efficiently.

8)      Vision improvement

Vitamin A & beta-carotene in Pineapple are known for eye-improvement properties. A study in Archives of Ophthalmology has confirmed that having 3 serving of pineapple daily can effectively reduce age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) risks. They diminish the foremost cause of vision loss in aged individuals.

9)      Gums strengthening and Teeth whitening & Preservability

DrFrawley states that bromelain can remove stain naturally by efficiently breaking up plaque.

10)  Protecting against Cancer

A research published in Planta Medica journal revealed that bromelain is more effective to chemo drug 5-fluorauracil in cancer treatment.

Thanks to:healthyfoodhouse.com