Dr. Shultz’ Recipe That Stops Heart Failure in One Minute


Heart failure has the highest death rate in the US. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that there’s a single ingredient that can effectively prevent this deadly condition in one minute – cayenne pepper, the most popular type of chili pepper!

In case you have a heart patient at home, always keep this powerful remedy at hand. It’s life-saving.

Dr. Shultz’ Recipe That Stops Heart Failure in One Minute


Cayenne pepper has been the subject of extensive research of many herbal medicine doctors, including Dr. Richard Schulz. All of them have been astounded by the strong medicinal properties this vegetable has.

It’s quite incredible to consider that Dr. Christopher, an American herbal medicine doctor, never lost a patient to a heart attack during his career of 35 years. And the remedy he always used was a mixture of 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a glass of water, which he gave to his pre-cardiac patients before they lost consciousness. One minute later, they were alive and kicking.

There are several ways to include cayenne pepper for prevention of cardiac arrest. The most important thing is to use cayenne pepper of at least 90,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). The best types include Habanero, African Bird, Thai Chi, Jamaican hot peppers, Jalapeño, and Scotch Bonnet.  These are easily available at larger supermarkets as well as green markets.

In case you have a heart patient nearby, mix a teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder in a glass of water and give it to the patient to drink. It’s important that the patient is conscious and breathing. In case, they lose consciousness, use a few drops of cayenne pepper extract of at least 90,000 SHU which you administer under the patient’s tongue.

Cayenne pepper is a powerful stimulant which has no sedative effects. It accelerates heartbeat and stimulates blood flow thus improving circulation throughout the body. It has a hemostatic effect, meaning it instantly stops bleeding and promotes heart healing.


This recipe is the most effective in cases of urgent heart failure.  It’s important to use cayenne pepper, commonly grown in India and South America, as opposed to any other kind of chili pepper.

Ground cayenne pepper is 20 times more powerful than regular pepper as it contains much more capsaicin, the active ingredient that accounts for the medicinal properties of cayenne pepper.

Also, have in mind that the hotness of chili peppers in inverse proportion to their size – the smaller the pepper, the hotter the taste.


– cayenne pepper powder

– a few cayenne peppers

– apple cider vinegar


Make sure you always wear gloves when you prepare the recipe because cayenne pepper will leave your hands burning.

Fill the bottom of 1l glass bottle with cayenne pepper powder. Pour in ACV, enough to cover the powder.

Using a food processor, blend a few fresh peppers with some ACV to get a sauce-like mixture.

Mix this with the previous mixture. You should fill about 1/3 of the bottle.

Fill up the bottle with apple cider vinegar. Close it tightly. Shake the bottle as often as you can throughout the day.

Leave the mixture for a month then strain and store in a dark glass bottle.

In case you want a stronger remedy, leave the mixture for 3 months before you strain it.

Keep in a dark and dry place. This remedy has unlimited shelf life.


If a person suffering from a heart failure or stroke is still conscious, give them 5-10 drops of the remedy. Repeat the dosage 5 minutes later. Continue administering the remedy every 5 minutes until the person gets better.