Doctors Were Shocked From The Results: A Natural Combination That Lowers Cholesterol!


We are all familiar with the fact that parsley and lemon are really healthy. That is why their combination is even more miraculous. Parsley is great when used in everyday cooking as it is added in the meals as a supplement to give them flavor. It is quite rich in vitamins A, K and C so it should be consumed in greater amount during colds and flu season. Beside this the parsley leaf is proven to be efficient in elimination of toxic substances from the body and in improving blood circulation. Together with the lemon they reduce the cholesterol level in the blood.

Doctors Were Shocked From The Results A Natural Combination That Lowers Cholesterol!


1.5 L of water

3 bunches of parsley

1 kg of lemon

Baking soda


Clean the lemon peel well so you will rub the peel with baking soda. If you can, use organic lemons. After boiling the water leave it to cool. Chop the parsley or blend it and cut the lemon into slices. Then add cold water. Keep the mixture in the fridge for one day. Then pour it into a bottle or a glass jar. A half an hour before meals, drink 100 ml of this remedy.