Do not throw the coffee grounds! Why?! You will be surprised after reading this!


A lot of people love coffee and drink it every day. After a cup of coffee there is always coffee ground on the cup’s bottom. Don’t throw it away you can use it. Read below how:

Do not throw the coffee grounds! Why! You will be surprised after reading this!

    • You can use the coffee ground to make a peeling. Mix the ground and honey. This peeling can be applied on the face and on the body. Even more it can be used against cellulite.
    • You can also make hair mask with coffee ground and the recipe is quite simple. Apply coffee ground on the hair and wait for a couple of minutes, then shampoo the hair. After washing the hair it will become beautiful and shiny. This treatment is not suitable for people with blond hair as it will become darker.
    • If you have problems with annoying insects put coffee grounds on the areas where they appear the most and they will be gone because they don’t like the smell of coffee.
    • Lean the dirty dishes with coffee ground. Rinse them; use the ground for rubbing and positive results will be there.
    • Use coffee ground in order to make the old furniture shiny again. In water, put the coffee ground and brush the furniture, wait for a while and wipe it.
    • Remember that you can use coffee grounds for your flowers.