The Dirtiest Body Part: You Can Never Clean It Even If You Shower Twice A Day


There’s no doubt that a person’s overall health and well-being partly depend on personal hygiene. But, no matter how much you tried, there’s one particular part on your body that can never be immaculately clean. You can shower as many times as you want, but this body part will still be the home to more than 67 types of bacteria every single day.

If you want to know what the dirtiest part on your body is and how to properly clean it, read on and find out.

The Dirtiest Body Part You Can Never Clean it Even if You Shower Twice a Day

During the day, we come in touch with abundance of microorganisms, which stick to our clothes, skin and hair. These microbes can seriously affect our health.

Although regular showering can remove most of these germs and bacteria attached on your body, there is one part which is inaccessible and keeps dirt in even after showering.

It’s the navel – an actual home of bacteria, and the dirtiest part on your body.

The reason for this is because the navel is indrawn, which makes it susceptible to accumulating lint, sweat, dead skin cells, lotion and soap. This creates perfect conditions for proliferation of microorganisms. In order to prevent odor and various health problems, including infections, it’s important to give your navel proper and thorough cleaning.

How to properly clean your belly button?

Inner belly button:

Soak a cotton swab in some rubbing alcohol and clean your navel carefully with it before you take a shower.

Using a different cotton swab apply some showering gel during shower. Clean your navel thoroughly.

Finally, rinse your navel with warm water and dry it well with a cotton towel.

Outer belly button:

Wet one end of a cotton towel and apply some showering gel on it.

Clean your navel with it and then rinse with lukewarm water. Towel-dry.