Diet For Detoxification Of The Body


This diet is for those who will unplanned exaggerate with consumption of meat, sweets and alcoholic beverages.

After greasy and unhealthy period, it’s time to devote a little more attention to health. Enhance your diet with fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are a source of vitamins and minerals.Diet For Detoxification Of The Body

Diet plan:

In the morning: large glass of freshly squeezed, juice

By 12 o’clock at noon -only fresh fruit

Afternoon: Fresh salad, vegetables, whole-grain bread, cereal or soup

Main meal: fresh vegetable juice, potatoes, cooked rice

Dinner: Plate of mixed seasonal salad

Diet rules

Especially important in this diet is a combination of food, which facilitates the process of digestion.

The potatoes are always eaten with other vegetables, cooked or fresh.

Fruits never eat as a supplement, as dessert, or in another meal, but only on an empty stomach.

After eating the fruit should pass at least half an hour before you eat other type of food.

Fruits can be eaten 3 hours after intake of potato or rice in the organism.