Did you know You Could Get Loads of Nutrients, Fibre and Antioxidants Just by Eating Pears?


Have you eaten pear today? If you are like most American then I am willing to bet that you haven’t had a pear today. In fact, you may not have had one all week. This is the reality for most people, which is a shame when you consider the tremendous health benefits in the daily consumption of peer. This is in addition to its delicious taste, no wonder why some refer to it as a “a gift from the gods”


Studies have shown that adding a pear to your diet every day may be all you need to make your visit to the hospital infrequent. This is because pear contains a lot of beneficial nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and fibers that go a long way in meeting your daily nutrition needs.

Benefits of Eating Pear

  1. It increases your energy levels: A meal of pear may be just what you need when you are feeling down. This is because of the high amounts of glucose that pears contain. This glucose is absorbed quickly and converted into energy for immediate use.
  2. It aids digestion: This is due to the large amount of fiber content in pears, up to 25% of the amount of fibre recommended daily.
  3. It prevents Cancer: Also, the high fibre contents in pears helps to prevent colon cancer by binding to carcinogenic cells and removes them. This is also good news for women after menopause because every-day pear consumption can reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 34%.
  4. Healthy Pregnancy: Pears are also rich in folic acid which is necessary to prevent birth defects in new babies. This is why it is recommended that pregnant women consume a healthy amount of pear.
  5. It helps Prevent Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis and other bone problems can be prevented by maintaining suitable PH in the body and taking the recommended quantity of calcium. Pears help this process by providing boron which aids the quick absorption of this calcium into the body.


  1. Blood Pressure: Pears also contribute to controlling blood pressure through the activities of Anti-carcinogen glutathione and anti-oxidants present in pears.
  2. Healthy Heart: Another advantage of the fibre content in pears is that it helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol present in the body, this helps to keep the heart healthy. The risk of stroke can also be reduced by up to 50% just by taking peers and other foods rich in fibre.
  3. Control Diabetes: Because of the minimal glycerin index and amount of fibre it contains, pears can help to control the levels of sugar in the body thus minimizing the risk of diabetes. .
  4. Natural Weight loss: Pears contain a lot of dietary fibre which can encourage weight loss.
  5. Immune system booster: The antioxidants and vitamin C in Pears can help boost your immune system.
  6. Good for weaning Babies: Pears come highly recommended in weaning children because of low acidic nature and because it is hypoallergenic.
  7. Hypoallergenic fruits: Pears are hypoallergenic and safe, so they do not cause any problems during digestion.

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Source: Better Health Publishing