Did You Know That We Have About 30 Pounds Of Poison In Our Intestines? – Here Is How To Purify It!

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  1. karthick says:

    any other alternate thing is there for kefir

    1. mohammed says:

      Just search for a (natural) product that works laxative.
      But cant think of one that nearly works as good as linseed.
      The thing with linseed/flax is that it is very,very powerfull!
      Next to that it also has tons of vitamines/minerals.

  2. rebecca adrian says:

    Would love to get emails from you about cold flus and all the above

  3. mark says:

    Is there a vegan version of this cleanse. Maybe something different then kefir?


    1. mark says:

      use cultured coconut milk or cultured soy milk they will have the same effect. you can also use a capsulated form any health food store has all these products. and i mean health food store that carries organic and local produce and not a pill shop. and make sure you drink several litres of water daily.

  4. Mark says:

    Is there something we can use with flax meal for vegan eaters?

    1. silkworm says:

      No animal is harmed or killed in the making of kefir, so I don’t understand what your problem is in using it. 🙂

      1. Jamie says:

        Lactose intolerance and milk allergy. How’s that for a “problem?”

        1. silkworm says:

          Kefir doesn’t contain lactose. Even kefir by itself is gut-healing, because of the amount of probiotic bacteria it contains.

          Sorry if vegans can’t drink milk for ethical reasons, but in my mind, if you are chronically ill, the small amount of inconvenience you are causing the calf will not add anything to your karma, if you believe in that sort of stuff. Consider that your quasi-moral religious beliefs may be holding you back from being healed.

        2. Deborah says:

          Jamie, I cannot have kefir either! I am so allergic to milk products & for some reason yoghurts create the worst reaction of all. Like me, you’ll have to just do the flax:)

      2. Cindy says:

        Vegan don’t eat dairy. So, maybe that helps you understand what his problem is! And by the way, cows are harmed and their calves to lactate for you to have dairy.

        1. silkworm says:

          I used to be vegan once, but I saw the error of my ways. 🙂

        2. GEL says:

          I was Vegan for years till I visited the south pole for 6 months and my teeth started falling out. I soon changed my ways.

  5. Dolf Visagie says:

    Hi there is there any other name for kefir oil in South Afrika cant find it in our health shops in South Afrika.

    1. Jo-Ann says:

      Kefir is like Maas or Amasi in SA

  6. kimble says:

    I use organic psyllium husk and it does the same thing. I sprinkle two plastic spoons worth over my steel cut oatmeal before adding my bananas, raisins and rice milk. It’s great and a highly recommend

  7. Sheila Clifford says:

    You can use a kefir that mixes with water instead of milk.

  8. Michal says:

    Think that good substitute for mil kefir can be coconut yogurt 🙂

  9. Andrea Gwyn says:

    Please do post an alternative to kefir, sadly it is not available in many areas, like where I live.

    1. Hein says:

      Dolf Visagie, If you live in Cape Town Or visit there, I can give you a plant and you can make it yourself

      1. Dolf Visagie says:

        Good Hein I stay in Cape Town Yes let me know

      2. Andrea Gwyn says:

        sadly I am in Washington state, little too far and financially I am unable to travel.

  10. Gail Caughill says:

    What is kefir and where can you get it ?

  11. Saadia says:

    Can I use flaxseed oil?

    1. Suresh Sonpar says:

      Isobgol has been used for ages in India. Try it along with flax seed for best results.

    2. Lori says:

      You need the roughage of the flax meal, oil is not roughage!

  12. Pamepie says:

    Hey, I just had a colonoscopy and it did this in one night…. bahaha Of course, the anesthesia was $600 alone.

  13. Tina says:

    Is it okay to substitute yogurt for kifer?

  14. tony says:

    Do i mix the Flax seed powder with 100 ml of kefir and add some water ? or not required ?

  15. Barb says:

    If you make your own kefir, do you want to make milk kefir or water kefir

  16. Pamela says:

    Could you mix it with Coconut Water? I know using the kefir is an additional probiotic, but I have trouble with the texture. Coconut water would make more sense for me.

    I love the idea of this though. I’ve been hunting for ways to get cleaned out, and this is about the easiest I’ve ever found.

  17. silkworm says:

    Salt water purges are an excellent way of cleaning out all the rubbish, convenient too, and have a distinct advantage over enemas. Salt water purges perhaps eliminate probiotic bateria, and require kefir to replace them just like the flax flour.

  18. lisa says:

    What brands of Kefir are good to buy? I live near Trader Joes and Earth Fare.

  19. What about the gastro-enterologists who say they have never seen mucoid plaque or a dirty colon? “30 pounds of fecal build up sediments and toxic wastes” in your stomach?
    I don’t think so. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t do a any bowel cleansing just that the whole idea of that much toxic waste sitting inside you is very controversial.

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