Did You Know That Cashews Are A Natural Anti-Depressants?


If you can daily eat 2 handfuls of cashew nuts, they will work on your brain’s chemistry just like anti-depressants. That means that you will feel less depressed after eating cashews. A curious and interested individual took this piece of information seriously and tookit to the internet to do her research. “I was amazed, stunned, giddy and almost euphoric” were her exact words after she was assured that this was the truth and it really worked.


She says that this juicy bit of evidence improved her health greatly and saved and changed her life.

A research has proven that cashew nuts contain tryptophan and niacin; both produce a therapeutic effect if taken in an appropriate quantity; that is 2 handfuls. You can feel an evident change in your mood after regular intake.

A single drawback of eating cashews is that they are rich in fat so if you are going on a strict plan of weight loss then bolting down cashews will probably be a bad idea. Some people state that the uplifting effect of cashews can help you avoid that beer or chips later.

There is nothing better than having a natural alternative to a medication. You can have a go at this and see for yourself if it makes any difference. Another plus point of cashews is that they are devoid of processed substances. In that way you can enjoy a tasty snack that is 100% natural.

Source: Complete Health And Happiness