Detox Drink – Turmeric, Pear, Pineapple And Orange


Turmeric has a pepper, warm and little bitter taste . The root is best known as one of the ingredients that are used to make curry , also known as color  to stain that many food products , including the mustard .

Curcuma Longa is the Latin name of turmeric , it has a dark brown skin and an amazing orange interior . Turmeric is long time used in Chinese and Indian medicine as a mightily plant ( root ) against a wide spectrum inflammatory processes such as flatulence , jaundice, menstrual problems , bloody urine , hemorrhage , toothache , bruises , chest pain etc. Turmeric  traditionally is  called “Indian saffron “because of its deep yellow orange color , and its usage throughout history as a spice , medicine and clothing color .

PreparationDetox - Turmeric, Pear, Pineapple And Orange

First remove orange peel, peel pears if they are treated with pesticides.In this case, the pears are untreated, and put them to drain along with seeds and bark.

The rest of the fruit should  be squeezed.

We use Hurom slow juicer through which we get more juice, and a less waste from the same quantity of fruit, it has a better taste, doesn’t oxidize and the juice doesn’t  separates juice from pulp.

While the juicer is working at the end we add around 10-20% water from  juicer to clean it and to dilute the juice.

Note: The natural juices are simple to make, the benefits they enable to many people are beneficial for health and gives strength and energy to the body. They should be consumed immediately after preparation because even after a couple of minutes it comes to oxidation, that considerably reduces their value.