Danger: You May Be Giving Yourself Aluminum Poisoning With This Common Household Product


You may think that aluminum is safe for you, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t use it in our kitchen every day. Aluminum toxicity is a dangerous and common problem these days because it is widely used in almost every kitchen in the world.


Usually the aluminum toxicity appears during longer period of time. When the body is exposed on aluminum for longer period of time, it will store in the body.

Danger You May Be Giving Yourself Aluminum Poisoning With This Common Household Product

The body has its own efficient ways for removing toxins and metals, but there are some limits even in the healthiest organism. The aluminum could be accumulated in your bones, organs and every other tissue in your body.

According to Mount Sinal Hospital the aluminum toxicity is very dangerous issue. Some of the first symptoms of aluminum toxicity are: muscle weakness, bone ache, seizures, confusion and speech difficulties. If the aluminum toxicity is presented in children, it may affect their growth or manifest later in their growth and development.

There are many other dangerous health conditions that can be result of aluminum toxicity like brain ailment, nervous system problems, anemia and lung issues. In a study made by the Environmental Research proved that chicken embryos that were exposed to aluminum manifested abnormalities and defects.


The Earth’s cortex contains a lot of aluminum, in fact it is the most common metal included in it.

According to Medscape the body doesn’t need aluminum from physiological point of view. That’s why it is strange why it is included in the food and the air so much. The aluminum is contained in many drugs. It is most presented in aspirin, prescription medications and multivitamins, so if you are using these, you are vulnerable to aluminum toxicity.

Also, you may consume aluminum during your meals. The cookware which is usually used in the kitchen is mostly made from aluminum. The storage containers are made from aluminum too. The metal can seep in the food easily.

Extra aluminum exposure is normal if you are working in an area where aluminum is excavated. So if you are working in a mine or you are leaving in a place near a mine it is very possible that you are breathing in aluminum constantly. The consuming and coming in contact with aluminum is not that dangerous as breathing it in.


Small level of aluminum is not dangerous for the human organism, so as long the exposure is in small amounts the body will handle it. You can take some actions in order to avoid large aluminum exposure.

When buying some kitchen items, tools and storage containers, make sure they are not made from aluminum. In case you are using aluminum items in your kitchen, substitute them with founded iron cookware. It is safer for you and your food will have better taste too.

Don’t eat processed and packaged foods as much as you can. Aluminum is used as food preservative by many companies. Cooking fresh food or consuming it raw is the best way.

Aluminum toxicity is very serious problem in the United States. Avoiding exposure and implementing some of the tips above, you will keep safe your family from this dangerous heavy metal.

Source: www.fhfn.org

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