Creamy Potato Soup – Hot & Delicious Enjoyment


Nothing is better than hot and tasty soup. Try this delicious creamy potato soup.

Ingredients:Creamy Potato Soup Hot & Delicious Enjoyment

  •  900 g. potato
  •  1 dcl. cooking oil
  •  100 g. onion
  •  50 g. carrot
  •  30 g. celery leaves
  •  40 g. parsley
  •  2 l. veal broth
  •  1 dcl. sour cream


In a pan put oil to heat, and then cook the chopped onion. After that add the carrots and potatoes, but first you should chop them into cubes. Pour these foods with veal broth (which can be from vegetables too) and cook on a moderate fire.

Toward the end of cooking, add the celery leaves and parsley. When the vegetables are cooked, mix the soup with a mixer and return to the fire a bit more. If the soup is very thick, dilute it with a little broth or with some water.

at the end of cooking add the sour cream and serve.

Good appetite.