Coronary Arteries Cleanse With Only 3 Ingredients


Arteries in the human body are the main transporters of oxygen and nutrients to the heart as well as to other important organs. Because they are crucial for your health they need to stay healthy as well.

Fatty foods, processed products, chemicals and toxins can cause serious problems with the cardiovascular system.

Coronary Arteries Cleanse With Only 3 Ingredients

These three beneficial ingredients can repair and even completely unblock clogged arteries as well as eliminate fat from the blood so they can be especially useful for those who have clogged coronary artery disease.

When mixing them you will get tasty and healthy beverage. To be precise this drink will reduce body fat, unblock coronary arteries easily, cleanse the liver, it will protect you from bacteria and viruses, will fight against free radicals and infections which have negative impact on the blood flow and will strengthen the immune system completely.

Here is the recipe that will surely help in cleaning the coronary arteries:



  • 8 lemons
  • 4 liters/1 gal of clean water
  • 4-5 cm /1.9 inches of ginger
  • 8 cloves of garlic


Before slicing the lemons into pieces, rinse them well. Peel the ginger and the garlic and add them in the blender. When the mixture is smooth put it in a pot.

At the end pour the water and boil it. Remove it from heat when it starts to boil. Wait until the mixture cools off and then strain it. Place the prepared beverage in bottles.


Consume this healthy drink every day. Consume it two hours before meals on an empty stomach. You should be physically active at least three times per week during the treatment. In this way you will not only clean your arteries but you will also improve your overall health.