Connect Your Thumb With The Little Finger: If You Can See This Tendon, It Means Something Very Special!


All human beings on the planet belong to the Homo Sapiens species which first began to evolve 200,000 years ago.

Proves of the continuous development can still be found in some people today, and those proves are more than just the body hair.

Here are some examples:

  1. The tendon on your wrist

Put your hand on the table with palms upwards. Connect your thumb and little finger together and raise your fist a little. In some people the tendons will be clearly visible, while in others will be less visible.

This is due to the palmaris longus tendon muscle which is located between the upper arm and wrist. Although this muscle takes part in the movement of the wrist, in the modern age is no longer needed and therefore it is noticeable in just 13% of today`s human population.

Moreover, the lack of this muscle will not affect the strength and has no adverse effects, except visually.

  1. The pink point in the corner of your eye

Have you noticed the pink point in the corner of the eye? Generally, almost all people have this point which nowadays has no function, but it is characteristic of the so-called third eyelid. This third eyelid is usually found in reptiles which serves as a protection of the eye when their eyes are closed.

  1. Wiggling ears

Nowadays we wiggle our ears when making jokes. However, the wiggling muscles had a very important role in the past. Wiggling your ears can improve the hearing and enable people to locate sounds in the environment and recognize danger. It is common in cats.

  1. Wisdom tooth

Some people have wisdom teeth, while others don`t. long time ago, people fed in grass roots and more to chew on. In time, our food became softer and lighter, and our jaw became smaller and the wisdom teeth lost their function. Most monkeys and primates have no wisdom teeth, while gorillas which are vegetarians still have them.

  1. Getting goose

Goose bumps usually appear when people have cold or when they experience strong emotions. When the hair is up, it stores more heat, and when in danger, it served to make people bigger and more dangerous for potential attackers. This is visible in domestic cats and other animals.