Complete Guide On How To Make Your Own Detoxification Patches!


If you want to preserve your body health body detoxification is very important. In this text you will read about detoxification patches, one of the most effective and powerful ways for cleaning your body from harmful substances.

Complete Guide On How To Make Your Own Detoxification Patches!
These powerful patches have double effect on the human body:

-Improve reflexology points
-They have the ability to absorb the toxins from the whole body

These patches are quite expansive but the good news is that you can learn how to make them by yourself at home.
Firstly, cut a piece 10×6 of an aluminum foil. The next step is preparing a super mixture of dried herbal ingredients (chili powder, chamomile, green tea, vitamin C powder which can be found at chemist’s, turmeric)Use pestle to crush the ingredients so they all become like a powder.
After crushing them put the compound on gauze, place it on your feet and fix it. Keep it overnight for better results.

Benefits of detoxification patches:
-Improve the elimination of toxins
-Improve reflexology points
The patches are also helpful with:
-Better concentration
-Anti stress effect
-Change of lifestyle
-Slowing the aging process
-Strengthen the immune system
-Change of lifestyle
-Quality sleep
-Organism balance
-As a prevention
-Improve body functions
-Organism and detoxification cleansing
Detoxify your body, enjoy life and have a nice day!