Coating That Helps with Diabetic Foot


In a natural treatment recipes show on a Russian television, the popular phytotherapeutist Clara Doronjina revealed this recipe for diabetics. She says:

Coating That Helps with Diabetic Foot

– There are many people who feel soreness in their feet or have a diabetic foot. Especially diabetics that have these burdens are suffering because they have cramps and suffer an unbearable pain. The next recipe will help you:


  • 100 g of raw potato
  • 50 g of horseradish
  • Oil if needed


Grate and mix 100 grams of well washed, raw potato, together with bark. Also mix in the 50 grams of horseradish. Mix everything well and into the mixture add any vegetable oil to get a fine paste. Make a coating and place it on the feet. Fix it well, because the coating mustn’t move.

Do this at night, to act for a longer period. In the morning you will feel ease in the legs!