How To Clean Your Lungs Easily In Just 3 Days

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  1. Rick Pearson says:

    I am suffering with lung problems after suffering a nasty cold virus two moths ago, I also have asthma. I guess that the de-tox does not mean that I only drink the juices and not eat normally? yes no? Please advise, thanks

  2. Ronald Canning says:

    i’m excited about your lung flush , but i don’t understand , do you take all these things every day for three days or just the one day day , like do i do herbal tea three days in a row and two lemons thre days in a row and so on ?? please help i really want to try this , i have copd and have a lot of coughing and flem , thank you so much i hope this helps me

  3. SIMON NDUNGU says:

    Kindly udate me on new researches

  4. aryan says:

    good health tips !!!

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