Clean Your Body Of Toxins With This Powerful Recipe Made Of Only 2 Ingredients

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  1. monelle says:

    am a b+ that means no cowmilk for me i suffer from sinus and i have aconstant head drip i love to try this but seeing that am not friends with cow milk,will this be good for me at all

  2. madeeha says:

    can we mix flaxseed flour with anything else ?

  3. lily says:

    What is kefir ?

  4. denise says:

    To me, those look like actual flaxseeds and not flour.

  5. mary says:

    where can I buy this flaxseed flour ?

    1. dale says:

      Just throw the flax seeds into a coffee grinder until it is finely ground.

  6. Denelle says:

    It should more correctly be called flaxseed meal: freshly-ground flaxseed.
    For non-dairy kefir substitute, look up online about acquiring water kefir “grains” to make your own water kefir at home. I’ve make milk kefir successfully (with milk kefir “grains”), I would like to experiment with non-dairy milks, like coconut and almond milks.
    I also regularly make and drink Kombucha for probiotic benefits.
    Good health!

  7. haley says:

    Can you use flavored kefir and achieve the same results?

  8. John HempSmith says:

    Try Hemp Seed Flour & Protein Powder for the same effect.
    Like Flax seed, Hemp seed contains essential fatty acids and omega 3, 6 & 9 in the correct ratio that the body needs.
    I have personally benefited from the diet similar to above with Hemp Seed Flour.


  9. berehane zegeye says:

    what is kefir?
    can u show me in picture

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