How To Clean Your Feet With Baking Soda??? It’s Very Easy. Try This, The Results Are Incredible!!! You have to admit, soft and beautiful heels are every woman’s dream.


Dry, cracked heels are not only unappealing, but they can also be very painful. Luckily, a common kitchen ingredient can have an amazing effect on callous heels. The thing is baking soda has powerful antiseptic properties, which counteract any infections on your heels. Plus, it decreases water hardness thus making the perfect soak for your cracked heels.

On the plus side, baking soda is not only effective for such skin conditions, but it’s also easily available and low-cost. Using it regularly can give you smooth and soft feet.

How To Clean Your Feet With Baking Soda It’s Very Easy. Try This, The Results Are Incredible!!!

Try this extremely helpful recipe to soften the dry cracked skin on your feet.

How to Clean Your Feet with Baking Soda:


  • 3 tbsps. baking soda
  • 4-5l water


Start by dissolving the baking soda in hot water. Then soak your feet in it for about 15-20 minutes.

When your feet have softened well, use a foot scrub or a pumice stone to exfoliate. Rinse your feet with lukewarm water. Dry them well then generously apply some nourishing cream, homemade foot cream or Vaseline and put on a pair of cotton socks. The best time to do this is before going to bed as you can leave the foot cream deeply moisturize your dry skin.

You will see the first positive result after the first treatment, but for optimal results repeat it every day for a week. Take a week-day break then repeat the treatment. Take another break of one week, the do the treatment all over again. You should complete a 3-set treatment. You’ll easily get smooth and silky feet by doing the set of 3 treatments.