Choosing Detox For A Whole-Self Reset


Many people argue on whether detoxifying your body system is that important. Do we really need detoxification and how frequently should we detoxify? I think the first thing we should do before we can provide a satisfactory answer to these questions is to get a definition for the word “detox” in place. The word “detox” has a completely different meaning to some people. So it is important to get that straightened out first.


Some of the meanings that “detox” has acquired include actions like alcohol withdrawal, removing unhealthy food from diet, taking supplements, colon cleansing, drinking juice (even lemon juice), sauna sweating and the use of food pads to remove toxins. These are not adequate to explain what “detox” means.

So What Exactly Is Detox?

In my years of working as clinician at a very good clinic, I contributed to the development of some supplements which helped the liver metabolize toxins in new ways. At that time, my first thought about “detox” was that it was a nutritional protocol. We recommended it to people who need to clear their body systems of toxins that cause weakness and brain fog. We instructed them to avoid specific foods which were allergenic.

The results were quite impressive; people’s overall life quality would begin to improve just by changing the way they eat. Simple things like avoiding dairy or gluten can cause big surprising changes. I saw how these simple things made people feel a lot better and much more capable to make the most important decisions. They would end unhealthy relationships, bad jobs, and sometimes, they would move to a new place or country to do whatever it is that they feel is best for them, pursuing their dreams. So it’s never just about elimination joint pains, inflammations or bloating.

More Than a Nutritional Protocol

Detox has become something greater than just a nutritional protocol, it has become symbolic as a way to remove everything that causes a hindrance in our journey to our goals. This is something a lot of us need; we need to start finding ways to stop bothering ourselves too much with thoughts and quickly identify what is important and what is not. You may need to consider your relationship and job to determine if they are truly nourishing or if they make your life worse with unhappiness and unhealthy emotions. This are the things you need to sit down and think about. For example, think of the last time you actually moved on from something or someone, and when was the last time you had thoughts to harm yourself? Do you feel in control of what goes on around you, do you love your life?

The world as it is today makes more and more detoxification necessary, both metal and physical. You may need to create some quite time once in a while to meditate on the things that can truly nourish, replenish and support you. It could be a food you need to eliminate or it could be some situations that need to end. Whichever type of detoxification you find you need, you will be much better for it both health wise and otherwise.

Source: Cure Joy